Miniraze is a powerful yet approachable wave-slicing virtual synth that offers you sounds for the future, inspired by the past. Featuring MOK's patented wave-slicing engine, Miniraze gives you the ability to splice waveforms into utterly unique sounds you won't hear anywhere else, while the straightforward East Coast-style layout makes it easy to craft complex tones quickly. Create anything from warm, retro analog vibes to aggressive, futuristic sounds that have literally never been heard before.

BMF Sound Bank

Including patches from a stellar team of artists and sound designers, all proceeds from this special sound bank will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation to support programs like Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the Moogseum, located in Asheville, NC.
The Bob Moog Foundation 15th Anniversary Miniraze Sound Bank includes over 200 sounds from some of music's most sought after composers, sound designers, producers, synthesists, and artists, including a signature sound from Mark Mothersbaugh, composer and co-founder of DEVO.


Waverazor is a futuristic synth that slices waveforms into aggressive new sounds. The patented oscillator design utilizes an entirely new form of synthesis to produce biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads and everything in between.


Filtryg is a professional dual filter effect plugin, ready to create new dimensions of rhythmic and timbral expressiveness in your mix. The integrated Envelope Follower, audio range LFOs, and MIDI Keyboard Tracking, all react seamlessly to your playing as well as your source audio, making for an inspired filter effect that fully integrates with your performance.

Waverazor Dual Oscillator

The Waverazor Dual Oscillator module brings our patented oscillator design to Eurorack format. A single oscillator can contain up to 8 wave slices, creating a multi-segment "Frankenstein" waveform that produces complex harmonic content. Each individual slice has independent control over wave pitch, volume, phase and DC offset, allowing the Waverazor oscillator to generate a multitude of timbral colors. Even the "Razor" itself can be adjusted, with parameters for its own slice frequency, step size multiplier and duty cycle.